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What Intuition Is

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  • “ Intuition is a higher brain function that you can develop and train.”
  •  When you understand how to train intuition, you essentially make your brain the most advanced AI out there. You can train your brain to learn on its own and then intuition shows you how to produce the result you’re after. 
  • “When you know the “what” you want to create, intuition can serve as the bridge and the “how” to get there.”
  • If you’re looking for tips on how to recognize what intuition is, this episode is for you.
  • Watch the video to get the full training.





 Full Transcript:


[The following is the full transcript of this episode of Joey’s Performance Tune Up With Joey Klein. Please note that this episode, like all episodes, features Joey speaking unscripted and unedited. This video is captured in one take.]


In this session, we're going to jump in and we're essentially going to talk about what, what intuition actually is. So we've talked about what it's not in previous sessions, as we said, you know, it's not that gut instinct, right? It's not emotional pattern. It's not there to tell us what it is we want or inform us about what we want. It's there to really bridge the gap. And so, well, what does that mean? It's there to bridge the gap? Well, what is it doing, right? And so intuition, as we talked about again in a previous session, is not some magical, mystical force out there where you go, hey, I want to be a multimillionaire, and because you decided you want to be a multimillionaire, intuition just starts giving you the secret code on how to do that, right? It's not going to tell you the day to go buy your lottery ticket and you become a millionaire, okay? It doesn't work that way. 


You've got to train intuition. You've got to give it the right raw materials so that it can do its job on your behalf. And we're going to talk about how to train that in a future session. But in this session, we're really going to talk about what intuition is. And so, intuition is a higher brain function that you can develop if you train your brain properly and you give it the right core elements, like we talked about in terms of defining the What first, if you give the right framework to the brain, the brain can start working on your behalf. It'll start to notice or pay attention or highlight consciously for you the things that were subconsciously eliminated before. 


And so you've probably had this experience when you started looking into buying a new car, right? It's like, I moved into a ranch at one point in time in my life, I was living in Los Angeles and West LA, and I was like, I'm ready to be in nature. So I overshot it a little bit, and I ended up living in a ranch outside of Eagle, Colorado. And that was way too much nature for me. And I had this little three series BMW at the time, and it snowed one day, and the snow was higher than the roof of my car. And I was like, oh, if I want to get out of the driveway or maneuver out here in the country, I need a truck. I understand why I see all these pickup trucks everywhere I go, right? And so all of a sudden, I needed a truck. I was never a truck guy. Some people are truck people. I was never a truck person. But clearly, I needed it now in order to live where I was living and be able to come and go as I pleased. 


And so I started researching trucks, and I remember I was looking at Nissan Titans and I was looking at Ford F150's, the different types of trucks that were out there, right? Toyota Tundra and so on and so forth. Because it now became a need of mine in order to manage my lifestyle. Once it became a need, I started looking for them. Then I decided on the truck that I wanted, ultimately. But when I started looking into trucks and I started looking at websites, as I was driving around, all of a sudden, I saw trucks everywhere, right? It was like, oh, that's a Tundra. Oh, that's a Titan. Oh, that's a such and such. And it was like, all of a sudden, the roads were swarmed with truck purchases the last month, right? 


And it wasn't that trucks weren't there before. It was just part of the files, the information that just got deleted, because my perception, my brain, was highlighting that information as non relevant. And so 99% of what you're exposed to on a daily basis is literally just eliminated by your brain, and it just lives in the unconscious reality of yourself. And even though it's there, you don't see that it's there. You don't notice it because it's not relevant to your purpose, it's not relevant to your focus. But then once you take on a focus and you name what you need, as we've talked about in previous sessions, I need a truck, all of a sudden, you start seeing trucks everywhere. Prior to that, the only cars I really noticed were sports cars, right? If a sports car came by, I heard it before I saw it sometimes. I would be able to see a Corvette from a mile away or a Firebird or a McLaren or a Ferrari. I saw those everywhere. But trucks, I never noticed them. Electric vehicles? Never saw them. Family mobiles, not on my radar. Right? 


And then as soon as I started looking for a particular thing, all of a sudden, I start seeing them, right? And so you might have had that experience when you were looking for a car at some point in time, right? And then you start noticing things. Until I remodeled my house, I never noticed details in homes. I'd go to somebody's home, I'd visit, and it was just a house, right? But now when I go into people's home or when I was remodeling my house, and then after I remodeled my  entire home, it's like I go into homes and I notice things that I never saw before. I'm like, what's on the ceiling? Right? What kind of texture are on the walls? How did they do their trim? Do they have granite countertops or tile? And all of a sudden, there's all these details that I see, and I notice that I never saw and noticed before because it wasn't relevant to me. But then all of a sudden, I remodeled the house, and I had to pick stuff out, and I had to think about resale, and I had to learn about how a house is built and make decisions. And all of a sudden, because I was focused on an outcome, I started learning about these things, I started seeing things that I did not see before. 


And so when you've heard before, right, like, the answer to the problem that you have or the answer to what you want to create or produce for yourself is probably right in front of you already. That's literal, right? The answer is literally probably right in front of you. It's probably already in your space. You probably have a friend or a family member, or you've got a book in your closet that you kind of thought you would read and never did or something to that effect, where the information is literally already in your space on how to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to go, the information is just being deleted by those higher brain functions. And so the way you start teaching your reticular activating system and these higher brain functions what to do on your behalf is we've got to get clear on what you want and that outcome, that result, and then start paying attention. Because it'll start letting you know, hey, here's an option, here's an option, here's an option, here's an option. 


And so think about it like this. When you really train intuition, this higher brain function in the most effective way, and we'll kind of give you some tips on that in a future session here. And we go into a deep dive around this at a training that we call Power of Intuition, where we do this over the course of an entire weekend. But essentially, if you understand how to train intuition, it's kind of like you make your brain the most advanced AI out there, where it starts to learn on its own and it's self learning, and it starts going, man, how do I produce that result? How do I produce a result? How do I produce a result? Trial, error. It gets better at it. And basically, that process continues until the outcome happens. And intuition occurs and is such a powerful force when you train it that it can literally create just about anything in your life. You can leverage intuition to design and create just about anything you're willing to commit to creating in your life, like literally anything. Even if you don't know how to do it, even if the outcome result is foreign to you, you've never done it before. Even if the people in your life, there's no example of it in your life. 


Like when I started to do the work of transformation, when I started really diving into intuition, understanding intuition, understanding transformational work, there was  nothing in my current sphere of influence that looked anything like the life I wanted to live. I didn't have an example around me. I didn't have a mentor, I didn't have a family member to guide me. I just got obsessed about an idea of the life I wanted to live. That's where it started. And I accidentally leveraged intuition when I created the life that I wanted to live. And I got clear about it with details, and I fully committed to whatever the process was going to look like to bridge the gap from the way I was living to the way I aspired to live. And all of a sudden, I started seeing opportunities in my environment that were there the whole time that I just didn't understand were there because the information was being deleted. And then that led to the next step, and the next step, and the next step, and the next step, and then the better I gave my higher brain functioning the information and the raw materials it needed to learn, all of a sudden, it figured out how to bridge the gap on my behalf, and me and intuition were a partner, and it began taking me to where I wanted to go, and it has never failed me since. 


And so I hope this is helpful to you in terms of really understanding sort of what intuition is and how to leverage its role. And in a future session, we're going to dive into the raw elements that need to come together on how to train intuition to basically make sure that you're kind of like AI. You got to feed artificial intelligence all of the information that it needs in order to execute well, in order to produce the outcomes and the results that you would like it to produce, that you want to leverage it for. And if you don't train it, if you don't give it the right information, AI is not a useful tool. It's rendered helpless. But once you teach this thing how to operate, it'll quickly outperform you and continue to do so and self learn. And so intuition works the same way. Like, you literally have a built in AI. You've just got to learn how to train it, leverage it and direct it. We'll kind of talk about the final element of that in a future session. 


I hope this was helpful. And start noticing, what are the things you notice, right? Start to become aware of what are the things you notice. Do you notice furniture? Do you notice cars a lot? Do you notice nutrition manuals? When I was really into nutrition and fitness, and I was a martial artist, I was training, I'd go into the magazine section at the airport and I saw Men's Health and Planet Fitness and basically every fitness magazine in the world. And that was the only thing that I literally saw consciously, because it was what I was looking for. It was what I was pre intending, so to speak, right? Because I was looking to create fitness in my body. I was looking to create health and vitality. So I saw all those magazines, and that's the only thing that I saw. And then once I started getting interested in business and investing, it was like, oh, my gosh, when did they start making Harvard Business Review? Like, it's amazing that they started making these other magazines, right? And all of a sudden, I started to see Entrepreneur magazine and Inc. And Harvard Business Review and all these other magazines were there. 


And when I started realizing in the moment how intuition works, how these higher brain functionings actually support us, I remember taking a step back and going, what all is on this magazine rack? And I realized you can get a magazine for knitting and private jet travel and luxury cruises and cooking and things you maybe shouldn't be looking at, and they're covered up on the front of the magazine. I never even realized how many of those magazines were on the shelf at airports, right? And then I started thinking about the individuals who go there for that and purchase said magazines. And I was like, do they actually look at that on the plane? And what does their plane neighbor think when they're looking at those magazines where the front is covered up? And it's all there. Like, whatever you want to learn about is literally right there. But I never saw sort of the breadth of what was available because I was always tunnel vision for the thing that I was looking for, and my brain was highlighting that and eliminating the rest. 


And so imagine what starts to happen when you start directing this power that you wield in an intentional way. You'll be amazed at the puzzle that your brain can put together on your behalf relative to who you want to become and what you want to create. We'll see you in a future session.