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Leveraging Intuition: Get Un-Stuck

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  • “Feeling stuck? Intuition can’t flow in that state. But it’s possible to get unstuck so you can access intuition easily”
  • The first step in shaking the feeling of being stuck is direct your intention toward an outcome you want to achieve. The outcome doesn’t have to be huge; simply name something meaningful.
  • “Feeling stuck is often accompanied by a problem/solution mindset. Instead, focus on an outcome mindset.” 
  • If you’re looking for tips on how to get unstuck and create the outcomes you truly want, this episode is for you.
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 Full Transcript:


[The following is the full transcript of this episode of Joey’s Performance Tune Up With Joey Klein. Please note that this episode, like all episodes, features Joey speaking unscripted and unedited. This video is captured in one take.]


We are going to focus on essentially, how do we get unstuck. So many people, they say, I'm just stuck. I'm stuck in my career. I feel like my relationship's kind of on autopilot. I feel stuck in my relationship. I'm just struggling with money. It seems like I can't quite create a change in my financial reality, even though I keep working at it. And I keep trying to put out effort there. And no matter how hard I try, I just keep getting the same results. Like, I get a little head and then I fall back. Like, some expense comes up that always seems to sort of come out of nowhere and hit me. And then all of a sudden, I'm back where I started after I worked so hard to save up some money, right? Or, man, I just can't lose weight. I'm the only one on the planet who can't lose weight. Other people can do it, but I'm broke, right? Like that kind of thing. 


Or sometimes we feel stuck emotionally. Like, hey, man, I'm just in this funk. I feel sad, and I've gotten stuck in this sort of anxiety loop, and I just can't seem to break out of it. Like, what's going on with me here? And so we're going to talk about what are the key things that people do when they're stuck, and then what are the key things that people do when they get unstuck. And they're really creating different outcomes in their life, and they're producing the vision of life that they really aspire to. 


And so if we look at where our focus and attention goes to when we're stuck is we tend to obsess about the problem that we perceive, number one. Meaning we're looking at how we're stuck or the things that's not working or what we want to see change, and our focus is going to what's not working. And then a lot of times, we focus on why it's not working, and then we can just kind of loop in that area, right, in that perception of reality of what's not working and why it's not working and what's not working, why it's not working. And then we really do get stuck, right? We really do tread water in that sense. 


And so we're not able to access intuition when we are focused on what's currently happening. And then a lot of times we go to the way we got here or what has happened in the past that has caused our current circumstance in our mind or in our perception. And so when we're looking at the past, intuition doesn't have our answers in the past relative to what we want to create and what we have not yet known. We need to start looking toward the outcome we want to achieve. 


So the first step to getting unstuck is to name the outcome that we want in a very specific manner. And so if it's like with the body, well, what is the outcome we're wanting to achieve? Man, I want consistent energy all day long, and I'd like to weigh X amount, right? Or I want to be X percent body fat, something like this. In my relationship, I want to know love and vibrancy and adventure and fun. And I'd like to be spending one on one time with my person and this amount of time per week, I'd like to be spending quality time with the person that I love and I care about and name what that looks like in a specific way, as you possibly can. What is the amount of money you want to earn year over year? And what is the net worth you want to achieve? And what is the amount of money you want to have saved? A lot of times, people will, as an example, they focus on the debt they have and, oh, my God, I just want to get out of debt and how I get rid of my debt. And they're focusing on the thing they don't want, debt. And how do I get out of it when we need to change the focus entirely to the outcome you want to achieve? Because the outcome isn't debt. It's, I want financial security, I want financial safety. And that looks like $50,000 a year, $100,000 a year, and a savings account with five grand in it, or 10,000 in it, or a net worth of $500,000 or $100,000 or a million dollars. And sure, I also have zero debt, but the focus needs to go to those outcomes that we're looking to create relative to wealth. 


And so one, step one, we got to focus on the outcome that we want to achieve. And then step two, we got to start asking the question, what can I do to achieve that outcome? Hey, here's where I am. This is current state. What are the actions I could take to achieve that outcome? And it becomes a creative process. At first, we're not going to know what the answer is because we've never done it before, potentially. But if we start just asking the question and it's like, almost like a creative process, we start flexing the muscle called creativity, we start accessing intuition just by assuming there's an answer to produce the outcome. And we start asking the question, what can I do to produce that outcome? And then come up with ideas, right? What can I do to produce that outcome? What can I do to produce that outcome? And that's a very different thought, construct or way of directing the mind than what's wrong and what's the problem that I have, and how do I solve for my problem, and how did I create the problem in the first place? That's a different framework. How do I create the result that I'm aspiring to? 


And then step three, after we name the specific outcome result we want, we start asking a different question. What can I do to produce that outcome? And result is start acknowledging what's going well relative to the space in life you're looking to create an outcome. Hey, I have cash flow. I'm hirable. I can get a job. I'm able to learn about money. And it's like, start to focus on what's going well, and then ask yourself, how can I optimize or build momentum on what's already going well, which is very different than what's not working? What is the problem, what is the challenge, and how do I eliminate that start instead going, what's going well? Where am I making progress, and how can I optimize on that progress? Because the more energy you put toward the results you're producing, the more you're going to produce those results. 


And ultimately, getting the result is the answer to the problem or the challenge that is before you. So it's a little counterintuitive. You don't want to focus on the problem and try to solve the perceived problem in the space. You want to get clear on what's the outcome that you actually want to achieve. And then let's get to work toward achieving the outcome. Because the outcome is actually the answer to the struggle. The outcome and achieving the outcome is going to solve for the problem or struggle that is before you. And so it may seem kind of simple, and what I might be talking about here may seem like a little micro adjustment, and it is. But, man, it will make such a huge difference for not only getting unstuck, but immediately feeling like you are no longer stuck. 


So another way we can think about this is we're never actually stuck. We just perceive that we are, right. We are never actually stuck. We just perceive that we are. But once our perception is we're stuck and we don't have a way forward, well, then we don't. And so we have to take that first step to man, I have opportunities before me. Here's the outcome results I want to achieve and create. Here are the ways in which I can create it. And then in many ways, all of a sudden, we start to perceive that we are not stuck, and that is really the base or the foundation for getting unstuck. And then we can use these tactics to go ahead and create momentum and progress toward the outcome result you want to get and the life you want to live. 


And so I hope these little adjustments are super supportive for you in understanding what's going on when we feel stuck. Another way to think about it is, when I feel stuck, it's just a fire alarm that should go off, telling me where I am, and it's like a little whisper saying, hey, you got to redirect here. You've gotten too focused on the problem. You've gotten caught in this loop called problem focus. Right? Problem solution focus. And so let's make this little adjustment and go, hey, here's the outcome results I want to get. What are the ways in which I could get that outcome result? How could I achieve that outcome result? What's going well? How do I optimize it? And that mental framework is going to make a world of difference. 


Enjoy, and we look forward to seeing you in the next session.