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Emotion & Money

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  • “The first step to building wealth truly is in learning to master our feelings and our emotions in relationship to money.”
  • So many people are constantly conditioning these painful, fear based states every time they interact with money and it causes them (unconsciously) to avoid it.
  • “You create from the inside out. Money is not causing any emotion you feel but it can show you what inner dynamics you have going on that may be affecting your finances.”
  • If you feel anxious or afraid when it comes to money and finances and want to train a new way of being that supports abundance, this episode is for you.
  • Watch the video to get the full training. 





 Full Transcript:


[The following is the full transcript of this episode of Joey’s Performance Tune Up With Joey Klein. Please note that this episode, like all episodes, features Joey speaking unscripted and unedited. This video is captured in one take.]


Hi there, Joey here. So, so many people, they believe or they think that money is the cause of their anxiety or their fear or their overwhelm or their anger in some cases. And it's just simply not the case. So many people, when they feel like they're anxious or they're afraid or they feel overwhelmed with money, they think that it's because they don't have very much. They have a lot of debt or they don't have a lot of money and that low income or that debt or not having money is the reason that they feel afraid or angry or anxious or maybe overwhelmed and those fear based emotions that we can all get caught in. 


And then the opposite is true in people's mind, where they think, man, if I have a lot of money, that would be the answer to my problem, so to speak. Especially emotionally, where if I had a lot of money or I had enough money, I would feel safe and I would feel joy and I would feel passionate about life. And all my problems would go away. And it's interesting because I've worked with so many people where it's like, I've known a lot of low income individuals or individuals who had a lot of debt. And yes, you can see the cases where people feel afraid and anxious and overwhelmed, but then there's also individuals who kind of tell the story, where in that space, where they're like, man, money is just not that important to me. And it comes and it goes and it's all fine. And their financial situation triggers a little panic and anxiety for me thinking about their situation, but they're just like, it's all good, it always works out, it's not a big deal. 


And so time and time again there are these examples where, and you probably know people in your life like this, where their financial situation is really critical, right? They don't make a lot of money or they're in a lot of debt and their financial situation is not good and yet their spirits are high, right? They're optimistic, they feel safe, they get a lot of joy in their life. And you can find it on the other side of the spectrum, too, where I've worked with plenty of multi multimillionaires who just have a tremendous amount around a fear of money and losing the money and anxiety about the money. And what are they going to do with the money and how are they going to manage other people in their life that know they have money and want some of that money from them?


And so it's like all of a sudden they thought that if they had a lot of money that their problems would go away and the fear and the anxiety and the anger and the frustration and all of those things would go away and then it didn't, right? The emotions are still there and then on top of that, they feel guilt and they feel shame because they have money and other people don't. And so it's like if we look at either side of the spectrum, the way we feel actually does not have to do with the amount of money we have or the amount of money we make or the amount of money we're going to have, even though it seems that way so often. 


And in actuality, the first step to building wealth truly is in learning to master our feelings and our emotion in relationship to money and understanding what is the emotional relationship that we have to money and to the money that we're spending and how we're managing our money. Because if we can tie a sense of courage and a sense of empowerment and a sense of confidence to the idea of money and our engagement with it, that tends to not only produce wealth and positions you to make more money.


But then it also positions you to actually have access to a sense of safety and a sense of joy and a sense of enthusiasm around money as you make it and you have more. So that you don't get caught in the trap of having money and actually feeling worse emotionally as a result of having made the money, and maybe you're terrified of losing it and things like that. And so the first step to truly becoming empowered with money and to building real wealth consistently over time is in beginning to notice our relationship to money.


And so each time you're thinking about money or when you interact with money as you're making a purchase, you're buying gas at the gas station, or you're buying dinner, or you're buying groceries, or you're paying for your vacation, or you're paying your utility bill, right, for your electric or your water, pay attention. Like how do I feel there? Right? What is the emotion that shows up for you anytime you interact with money? Is it anxiety? Is it overwhelm? Is it fear? Is it panic? Is it anger? Is it hatred? Is it disgust? Like, so many people are constantly conditioning these painful, fear based states every time they interact with money. And then it causes them to want to avoid it.


And then pay attention to when or if you feel joy with money, or grateful with money, or empowered with money, or enthusiastic or inspired with money, or fun with money, right? Like, when are we feeling these love based, expansive states as we interact with money. And so first step is how do I feel when I'm interacting with either the idea of money or I'm actually interacting with money on just a day to day basis? When you go to make a purchase, stop and take a moment, how do I feel as I'm making this money exchange, as I'm taking action, paying a bill or buying something and just start noticing what emotions are there for you.


And then from there, you can start conditioning empowered love based states with money, which will have you,I promise, not only feel better around your current financial situation, but in time can position you to empower yourself with money, to not only make more of it, but build true wealth. And so as an example, if you decided I'm going to condition gratitude with money, you can go to pay your utility bill and you can go, man, I'm so grateful that I'm providing my family heat, right? I'm so grateful that I'm able to support the people who work at the electric company and support their jobs and their families and that I'm able to make this contribution, right? I'm able to be a part of this larger ecosystem by way of just spending the money.


Or when you go to Whole Foods or you go to your King Soopers or, I don't know, whatever your grocery store is, and you just buy groceries. It's like, take a moment and go, man, I'm so grateful that I have this money to be able to feed myself and my family, and that I have food on the table and just start tying a sense of gratitude to each financial act as you're executing it. Even if you're paying your credit card bill and you got some debt there and you're paying the lowest payment on there, maybe it's like, man, I'm so grateful that I have the money to be able to pay toward my debts and that I'm able to make the income that I'm making and be able to start producing wealth in a different way.


It's like, just stop and take a moment and ask the question, hey, what reason do I have to feel grateful with and for money right now? Or what can I do in this moment to feel gratitude with money? And if you notice the emotion you want to create, right, what are you wanting to condition with money? And you make that a conscious, focused act, this is your first step to not only financial empowerment so you can make money and build wealth, but also so that money stops defining you. Because so many people, they go through their day and the idea of money, or when they have to engage with money, they feel a sense of fear and anxiety and even evil sometimes because of different conditioning that's happened as we relate to money.


And so if we want to evolve our philosophy with money, our perception with money, our acuity with money, which is going to translate to a better experience of life, number one, but that will actually support you to build wealth and make more money down the road. We want to start realizing what does money activate emotionally for us and start to pay attention. Number one, hey, what do I feel when I'm interacting with money? And then, number two, ask the question, is this emotion and is this way of relating to money giving me access to an empowered feeling with money, number one. And then number two, is it driving me toward the outcome that I want to create with money in terms of maybe making more of it or building wealth. And then, number three, what's the emotion that I can train or condition with money so that I can feel great as I manage my current financial situation and it'll support me to have the desire and also the ability to make more money and build wealth.


And so just think of those three steps around building an amazing relationship with money. Number one, what current emotions are showing up in relationship to money as I just interact with it day by day and just take note of it? Number two, just acknowledge is this emotion and the way I'm relating to money going to drive the outcome that I want to create with money and does it give me access to the experience I want to have of my life, of my day, of myself, as I'm interacting with money? And then go to step three, what emotion or energy do I want to condition with money that's going to give me access to living a great day today as the experience of myself? And number two, it's going to best support me to make the amount of money I want and to build the wealth for myself and my family that I'd love to see possible. 


And so start paying attention to that you create from the inside out and that money is not causing the emotions that you feel, but rather leverage money to just show you what are the inner dynamics going on within you that are then translating to the financial outcomes that you end up creating. And leverage those emotions to create a really fabulous experience of life for yourself, but also so that you can create the outcomes and the wealth that you aspire to create for yourselves and your family and the people that you care about. It all starts with the emotions you feel inside. We create essentially from the inside out when we start paying attention.